The Cheese Advocate
The Cheese Advocate is a purveyor of specialty foods based in Birmingham, Alabama and serving the Southeast. As our name suggests, we specialize in Artisanal Cheese; Imported, Domestic and Local. We are very selective when it comes to the cheeses that we choose for distribution. We also pride ourselves in our ability to respond quickly to our customers demands. In addition to cheese we also carry a full range of quality specialty food products. These include Artisan Cured Meats, Estate Bottled Olive Oil, Traditional Vinegars, Handmade Pasta, Chocolate, and a number of other specialty products.
The Cheese Advocate was started in 2000 by founding partner Tim Gambrel who was working as a chef for local restaurants. He saw first hand how challenging it was to get the type of quality products that these restaurants liked to work with. Tim picked up the gauntlet to fill a much needed void in the Birmingham specialty food market. Cheese was the initial main focus of the business, and it grew to include a full range of specialty foods. As time went on, The Cheese Advocate has grown into other markets in the Southeast region, and continues to grow under the leadership of Tim Gambrel and Brian McMillan. We look forward to serving you and your restaurant and/or specialty food market!!!
Brian McMillan doing what he loves...slinging artisan cheese. 

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